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My New Fandom (and obsession): Lost Girl

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WARNING: This post contains a few spoilers for Lost Girl. If you don’t like spoilers, just skip this post and go directly to watching the show!

For those of you still here, let me tell you what happened. I was here at my computer, minding my own business, when someone on Twitter mentioned the show Lost Girl. I’d never heard of it. What? A show I hadn’t heard of? INCONCEIVABLE.

I then had the following conversation with myself:

Me: What the hell is Lost Girl?

Self: No idea. Maybe you should find out.

Me: It’s weird that I hadn’t heard about it.

Self: You are not as all-knowing as you think.

Me: Betch.

So, I set about tracking it down. I made myself some dinner, watched The Amazing Race (the new season is awesome!) and was about to watch Dexter when I decided to give Lost Girl a try instead.

I had no idea what the show was about. I had no idea who was in it. I knew nothing beyond the title and, let’s face it, with a name like “Lost Girl” it could be about pretty much anything. I narrowed down my guesses to: a show about an emo teenager or a mystery about a kidnapped child.

WRONG! So wrong.

This show is actually about…


“No, Ingrid, seriously. What is it about?”


Lost Girl is a daring new series about mysterious young Bo, a succubus who drains the sexual energy of humans to feed, heal… and kill. Having survived for years alone, she now discovers she is one of the fae, creatures of legend and folklore who secretly feed off humans in myriad ways. Relieved to find out that she is not alone, but horrified by what it means, Bo chooses a dangerous middle path between the humans and the fae while embarking on a personal mission to unlock the secrets of her origin.

Meet Bo – The Heroine | Actress: Anna Silk


Bisexual succubus extraordinaire. She has no idea what she is or where she came from. She just tends to kill people when she sleeps with them. And you thought you had problems.

Meet Kenzi – The Sidekick | Actress: Ksenia Solo


She’s something of a rebel and a thief and she’s also pretty hilarious. (Also, if you watch Life Unexpected you’ll instantly recognize her as Natasha, Lux’s BFF). Bo saves Kenzi from a rapist in an elevator and earns herself a loyal sidekick for life.

Meet Lauren – The Insatiably Curious Human Doctor | Actress: Zoie Palmer


Lauren is a doctor working with/for the Light Fae. The what? Just watch the show. She’s got no supernatural powers but she’s super sweet and awesome and you will fall in love with her in 2.3 seconds.

So where’s the subtext?

Sorry, no subtext.

It’s all maintext.





The sexual tension between these two is ridiculous. Unfortunately, Bo doesn’t yet know how to control her powers which means if she sleeps with Lauren, she’ll kill her. Bo said it, not me.

Here’s some dialogue directly from the show (episode 1.04 “Faetal Attraction”):




Lauren: You know, as your doctor, I would recommend against excessive intoxication.

Bo: Who’s drunk?

Lauren: Well, we don’t know the effects of cocktails on your…abilities.

Bo: Well. I’m not a guy so I can promise you, booze does not affect my ability to perform…

Lauren: *chuckle* Well, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a drunken succubus booty call so … take it easy.

Bo: No promises.

Lauren (to Kenzi): Keep an eye on her.

(Lauren leaves)

Kenzi: Okay, I don’t know if it’s from the buckthorn hallucinations but that was some serious sparkage. I think she likes you.

Bo: No, it doesn’t matter because Lauren is human. I sleep with her and she dies.

This sounds great! What’s the catch?

The catch is named Dyson. Suffice it to say that he and Bo have a thing together that may hamper any hopes of Bo/Lauren.

The other catch is that Lauren doesn’t get a lot of screen time – or hasn’t in the first four episodes. Let’s hope there’s more of her in the next nine.

The (potentially) Good News

According to Entertainment Tonight there will be a love triangle between Bo/Dyson and Bo/Lauren. And there’s even a clip of them kissing from somewhere down the road.

Zoie Palmer (Lauren) will be in all remaining episodes.

Where this will go, nobody knows, but I hope this show survives into a second season because it’s awesome.

Fanvid (Bo/Lauren) – by Snowpainted

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