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My Biggest Fear (An Illustrated Lesson in Phobias)


30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 20:
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Happy Rapture Day!

I’m not sure why I’m bothering to post anything since the world is ending – or was it supposed to end already? Not sure. Happy Rapture Day, regardless. Go out and party like there’s no tomorrow.

30 Day Questions Challenge – Day 20: (Question from a reader) Do you have phobias? What’s your biggest fear?

In order for me to answer this question as honestly as possible, I must first give a lesson in phobias, because it’s been my experience that people don’t really get the difference between run-of-the-mill fear and paralyzing phobia.

This will be an illustrated lesson (because it’s fun to draw on the iPad).


Let’s Look at a Simple Diagram

Sketch 2011-05-21 12_44_08

Let’s Examine These Closer

Sketch 2011-05-18 22_51_14 (2)

Sketch 2011-05-18 22_55_19 (2)

Sketch 2011-05-21 14_21_01

Then there’s phobia. A phobia is like if you take irrational fear and then you crank it up to WTF digits and set it on fire and blast it off into Crazyland, where mutated turtles accept it as their God. At least, that’s how it is in my experience. Your mileage may vary.

Those of you who know me, know very well that I have a crazy-ass phobia of l…amps. Okay, not really lamps. But the mere act of writing the actual name of the thing that I have a phobia of makes me really crazy-paranoid and incapable of being touched for at least an hour. So for the purposes of this demonstration, we’re going to pretend that I have a phobia of lamps.

Let’s Step Into Normal Peopleville

Sketch 2011-05-21 12_32_19 (2)


Sketch 2011-05-21 12_42_26 (2)

Now Step Into My World

Sketch 2011-05-21 12_31_23 (2)

Sketch 2011-05-21 13_31_35

Sketch 2011-05-21 13_39_05

Let’s Recap

Sketch 2011-05-21 12_32_19 (2)

Sketch 2011-05-21 12_37_36 (3)

Do I get that this is crazy? Yes. Do I really think lamps are going to attack me and kill me? No. But when I see a lamp, my entire brain gets hijacked by COMPLETE AND TOTAL MADNESS and there is nothing I can do about it.

Let’s put this in perspective.

There’s lots of things I find icky and gross and would not like crawling on me: spiders, creepy creatures. Assume you want to scare me and you decide to put a plastic spider on my bed as a good-natured prank.

General Fear

Sketch 2011-05-21 13_48_37


Sketch 2011-05-21 13_50_53

Some other stuff I’m scared of:

  • Freefalling
  • Drowning

So My Biggest Fear:

Sketch 2011-05-21 14_02_06

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  • A

    some evil human being thought an orange wig, big shows, and weird makeup is funny; well the evil creature that is a clown in NOT FUNNY. i wish i was like you and could run instead i turn into an immovable object glued to my place while simultaneously shivering like a leaf

  • Nela

    haha Sorry hahahahahahahaha

    BIG LOL !

    How could somebody have lamp phobia?

    I couldn’t resist jaja, on the fase “evilness took me over”, the angelical thing on me went off jaja

    • Alejandra

      Oh my god, what a horrible thing…
      Even I feel terror whit this monster… I mean beatiful lamp.
      I have phobia to any animal who has feather… Ornitofobia, in spanish!!

  • omg this post was the best! LOL
    i hope you lose your phobia soon :)

  • Sara

    This post was so FUNNY I couldn’t stop laughing! Your illustrated explanations are the best! And that Drath Wader lamp didn’t hurt, either. OMG, hahaha. Sorry, I know it’s a serious topic, but LOL.

    • Sara

      OK, and the Darth Vader one, too ¬¬

  • Cherfy
    • Hahahahaha!!!

      You know I ate a pickle the other day and didn’t TOTALLY hate it. ;)

      • Cherfy

        I briefly thought about posting a l— lamp but thought better of it :)

        Edited by Ingrid to remove THAT DREADED WORD ;)

  • Chris

    Jajaja!! great illustrated post, at least you have one phobia, I have a little chicken heart :S lots of things scares me a lot.

  • Lish

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