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Lost Girl 1.08 “Vexed” Recap

First, a quick heads up. The Lost Girl cast is taking over the @lostgirlseries account this week and will be answering your deepest, darkest questions via Twitter. Depending on when you’re reading this, you might catch your faevorite LG actor online. Zoie Palmer is on as of my typing this.

The Twitter take-over schedule is as follows:

Monday – Lauren

Tuesday – Hale

Wednesday – Trick

Thursday – Dyson

Friday – Bo

I’ll try to catch as many of them as I can, but I admit I’m a little busy preparing for Cataclysm. Today, though, I’m taking a break from World of Warcraft to recap 1.08. So, let’s get to it!

Ah, episode 1.08. It’s the episode we all hoped (and feared) would come. And it begins with a seriously hurt Bo stumbling her way to Dyson’s for some uh… healing. He tries to resist her for a good two or three seconds before giving in. Afterwards, Dyson feels how most wolfmen feel when succubi use them for sex: emo. Although, that’s pretty much how Dyson is all the time.


Dyson notes that Bo is healing a lot faster these days and Bo says exactly what she knows will make the wolfman grumpy: “Thanks. I’ve been working on that with Lauren.” Oh I just bet you have.

Dyson: She’s just leading you on. She’s never going to love you.

Bo: Who said anything about love? And you don’t know that.

Dyson tells Bo that this was the last time she can use his body for her selfish needs. He’s not a piece of meat, you know. He has feelings. It’s hard to tell, given that he only has one facial expression, but they’re in there somewhere.


Later, and in snowy daylight, Bo and Kenzi break into an abandoned movie theater or warehouse, while discussing Bo’s love life. Bo’s annoyed that Dyson won’t let her use him for sex anymore. The jerk.

Kenzi: Obviously, you can’t have Dyson and chase after Dr. Hotpants anymore. Time to pick a team, dude.

Ah, Kenzi. Ever the voice of logic and reason. Please switch over to Team Dr. Hotpants. We’ve got pizza.


While they’re discussing the finer points of romance, they walk around the darkened theater/warehouse with flashlights looking for the fellow they’re supposed to meet. Alas, their contact is kind of dead.

Oh, wait, no he’s still alive. Or, undead. Or whatever vampires are in the Fae world.


Apparently, Mr. Pointy Fangs has some information that Bo will want. He’s found Bo’s mother! He hands her a newspaper clipping with the picture of a woman’s mugshot on it. That’s what twenty bags of blood will buy you these days. Take note.

So, Bo’s mother is a convicted criminal on death row? Nope. Because that would be too easy, you see. The road to Bo’s mother is not a direct route. There’s several stops along the way in the shape of random diversions. Most of these diversions will likely be unnecessary. But we’re not meant to notice that.


At some point they will have to rush to death row to meet with the lady in the picture. She might know something about Bo’s mom. Tick, tock, though. Her execution is in three days.

Since we’re not in a rush or anything, let’s go to Lauren’s lab for a check up.


Bo is trying very hard to strike up a flirty conversation. She compliments Lauren’s necklace. Then she asks Lauren if she misses working on “normal” people. Dr. Hotpants finds humans boring, though.

Bo: Once you go Fae you never go back, huh?

Lauren: So I hear. Speaking of humans… have you had any success … sexually, yet?

Bo: I’m a little scared to try the whole meal deal. But there’s no rush, right?

Lauren: Oh, no. No, of course. You should take your time.

Bo: Because I was thinking that taking things slow on that front would be good. For everyone. If they were okay with that.



Lauren gets the message loud and clear, but she’s got this habit of being logical all the time.

Lauren: Devil’s Advocate… a succubus needs a healthy sex life in order to be stable. And of course when wounded you’ll have to have sex in order to heal.

Bo: Yeah, well, I kind of have that covered.

Oh that gets Lauren’s attention.


Bo: Or I did, anyway.

Lauren: Oh. Really. With who?

Bo: Dyson. I trust him and he’s Fae so I don’t have to worry about draining him to death. Everybody wins.

Yeah, I’m not sure Lauren’s agreeing with that so much. She sort of looks like she’s stabbing Dyson in her mind with a million tiny pins.


Lauren: Well, that’s good to know. As your doctor, I would be more comfortable with you choosing someone slightly less….well-traveled. But, um, it’s your choice.

Such a diplomatic way of calling Dyson a manslut. Also, normally cool and controlled Lauren is barely holding it together. She looks like she wants to punch something. And Bo’s totally enjoying it. I think she does it on purpose.


Of course, she’s all woe is me about it when she tells Kenzi about it later.

Bo: Now Lauren’s acting jealous. I swear…

Kenzi: The three of you should just get a room already.

Ew? No, Kenzi. No.


Anyhoo, while Bo was doing her best to make Lauren jealous, Kenzi was busy getting some fake agent IDs so they can breeze through prison security. They don’t really work all that well, but Bo’s succubus touch is infallible.

Now it’s time to meet with the prisoner lady that may or may not know something about Bo’s mom. Half as second into the conversation and we already know that the lady is Fae. Also, Bo has earned a new title: The Foundling. That’s what she’s known as in some circles, apparently. And while it’s pretty obvious that the lady knows quite a lot, she pretends she knows nothing helpful and then hurries back to her prison cell.


Kenzi: Well, that was rude and anti-climactic.

Oh, I don’t know. If someone told me I was The Foundling, I’d consider that interesting information. This is the first time we hear her called that, right? I guess it’s not that big a deal in Bo’s world.


But anyway, Bo is suspicious because she doesn’t think the vampire would’ve lied to her. That’s really her main reason for being suspicious. Never mind that this lady was obviously lying about not knowing anything. Oh well. I’m going to try not to think too hard. It’s better to just go with the flow.


Speaking of Mr. Pointy Fangs, he’s about to get killed off by a Sadistic Baddie that uses telekinesis and mind control to cause major ouchies and eventually death. He looks a bit like Edward Scissorhands (minus the scissorhands). They’re probably going to need the Fae version of the Criminal Minds team to catch this guy. Maybe that’s where JJ went.


Where was I? Oh yes. So the Eddie lookalike is angry because Vampy is sharing info with outsiders and blah blah. Long story short: Vampire’s dead.

The crime scene is bloody and unpleasant but Dyson is on the job. And of course Bo shows up. Dyson’s moody/annoyed/worried/angry/etc. All the usual Dysonesque emotions, which eventually all lead to him letting Bo go ahead and do whatever she wants anyway. She tells him about the trip to Prisonland and the lady there. Her name is Lou Ann. Dyson’s like, “Leave it alone!”

So, of course half a second later he agrees to give her Lou Ann’s police file and the autopsy report on Vampy. I guess the real police don’t need that or anything.


Using her superior powers of deduction, which appear whenever convenient, Bo figures out that whatever Fae was responsible for the death of Vampy was also responsible for the death of prison lady’s kids. Oh yes, she’s on death row for supposedly killing her kids. But as Bo figures out, she was being controlled by someone.

So, when did things go south for Lou Ann? Well, it all began when she fell in love with a human. Uh oh. Yeah, apparently the Fae don’t like mixed relationships all that much. You’d think they’d be a bit more open-minded, but no. They killed her kids to punish her.


Bo gets the bright idea to ask Lauren to set up a meet and greet with The Ash so she can ask him to get Lou Ann out of prison. The Ash is like, “Uh, no. That’s not my problem. Peace out.”

Lauren’s annoyed at Bo for being disrespectful of The Ash, but Bo doesn’t care much for authority figures.


Lauren: This is dangerous. I have no influence with the Dark. I can’t help you if you get into trouble.

Bo: I’m not asking you to. You tell your boss he’s not the only connection I have.

Bo goes to visit her good friend Mayer to see if he can help. He’s not much help either.

Mayer: Some advice? Let this one go.


Bo isn’t good at letting things go, so she asks Mayer to at least help her track down the one guilty for the killings. He agrees to look into it.

Back at home, Kenzi is busy saving the world from robot hookers and Bo decides it’s a good time for a bath. Bath time in these kinds of shows usually spell death and destruction so I expect that any second now a…Oh, yep. There we go. Some ugly-looking Fae creature is trying to kill Bo now. She looks a bit like the First Slayer on Buffy, but with crappier dental hygiene.


I think maybe the Dark Fae are in the middle of a week-long costume party where they all get to dress as their favorite TV and movie characters.

Fighting happens. Eventually, Kenzi hears screaming and rushes to the rescue, giving Bo a chance to kill the Dark Fae.


Kenzi: Smells like fried bitch.

I guess Bo calls Dyson over because he’s there in a jiffy and he tells her that this wasn’t a sanctioned assassination attempt. Bo’s annoyed because Fae interrupting her bath time is getting old now. Dyson reminds her that without choosing Light or Dark she’s got no protection from either side.


Bo reminds him that she doesn’t need to choose sides because she’s protected by a much stronger force: The Main Character Immortality Clause. She’s pretty much guaranteed to survive all attacks and/or otherwise fatal situations from now until the end of the show. Therefore, he can take his Light Fae rules and shove them.

Dyson successfully says all the wrong things and Bo gets annoyed enough to turn down his sleepover invite even though she’s all banged up and could use some sexual healing.


So instead, Bo heads over to see Trick for advice.

Meanwhile, The Ash calls Lauren over for a chat. He tells her that he knows she’s been helping Bo without his permission, but assumes that she did so for the good of the Light Fae. Yeah, sure. Or to get into her pants. Same thing. The Ash thinks it’s a good time to use Lauren’s relationship with Bo and tells Lauren that the man Bo seeks is called Vex. The Dark Fae lurve him and will kill Bo if Bo manages to kill Vex. The Ash doesn’t want Bo to die and Lauren sighs with relief.


Lauren: How can I help?

The Ash: I will negotiate with The Morrigan to have Vex sent away. You will keep Bo on a leash until he is gone.

Lauren: How? I’ve tried to reason with her.

The Ash: She’s a succubus. If you want to keep her alive I’m sure you’ll think of someway to distract her.


Light Fae sanctioned booty call coming right up.

Back at Trick’s bar/restaurant/museum/library/default location for Fae events, Bo happens upon a necklace with a familiar symbol.


Bo: Hey, Lauren has one of these around her neck. What is it? Some kind of amulet?

Trick: Lauren? She’s ward of The Ash. She wears his mark.

Bo: Because she works for him?

Trick: Fae Elders don’t employ humans. They own them. In return for their protection.

Bo: Oh. Cozy. She neglected to mention

But back to business. Bo apologizes to Trick for bothering him with questions. She stopped by because she wanted to know more about the Fae that attacked her. She wishes there was a Big Book of Fae Types she could sift through in her spare time. She’s in luck. Trick just bought a copy off Amazon.fae. I think she should wait for the ebook version, though. It’s looks a bit heavy.


So, Bo must have angered someone. There’s a shocker. She’s now concerned that more bad things will come after her. Trick tells her that she’s her own weapon but Bo doesn’t like losing control yadda yadda. So Trick decides to give her a sexy weapon that will harm all Fae and protect her from corruption. Bo receives loot: [The Syracon].

image image

Later on, Lauren drops by her apartment. She’s curious why Bo is taking the whole Lou Ann thing so personally. Essentially, Bo wants to have options in life.

Lauren: You want a normal life? The picket fence and the kids and …

Bo: I want to know that it’s my choice to make. Not theirs. Lou made her choice and look at what they did to her. If I just let that go… if I let them get away with it then what chance do I have of living a life of my own? And who would want to live it with me?


Say it with me: LAUREN! Even Lauren looks like she wants to say, “Me!!!” Alas, she doesn’t. The subject, unfortunately, reminds Bo that she’s got a killer to catch, so she gets up to go do that. Lauren grabs her arm and pulls her back down on the couch and starts kissing her.


Bo: What are you doing?

Lauren: I don’t know yet. Just humor me.

I know a lot of ladies that would humor you, Lauren.

Bo: I don’t want to hurt you.

Lauren: I trust you.

image image

Bo: Nobody owns you.

She rips the necklace off Lauren’s neck and throws it across the room.

image image

Alas, even sex with Dr. Hotpants isn’t enough to deter Bo from her mission to save Lou Ann, kill Vex, and find freedom and normalcy.

Lauren: No, you have to stay…

Bo: I didn’t figure you for clingy.

Lauren looks upset and a bit desperate in her worry.

Bo: What’s going on?

Lauren: Just.. please let this go, Bo. For me. Your revenge could start a damn war. I’m doing what I can, politically. I just need a few more hours.

Bo: Is that why you’re here with me? You’re a diversion?



Bo: Were you sent here?

Lauren: Hear me out…

Bo: Were you sent here?

Lauren: Yeah…


Sigh. Well, at least she’s honest. Not that it’s going to win her any points any time soon. Bo’s on the verge of tears. I want to give her a hug.

Lauren: Look, it’s not what you think.

Bo: You have no idea what I think and less about what I feel or you could not have done this to me.

Lauren: I’m sorry! Goddamnit, Bo, I’m trying to protect you! I haven’t done anything wrong.

Bo: You are in my bed because he told you to be. Everything about that is wrong.


Well, she’s got a point. Though I’m pretty sure Lauren would’ve been in Bo’s bed regardless. Before leaving, Bo picks up Lauren’s necklace off the floor and tosses it at Lauren.

Bo: Don’t forget your dog collar.



Bo’s really angry. Getting betrayed by your lesbian lover generally has that effect on succubi. She shows up at Mayer’s restaurant and demands he tell her where Vex is. Since Mayer owes her a favor, he’s got no choice but to give her the answer. But he warns her that this is no favor he’s doing her.


Over at the prison, Lou Ann has run out of time. It’s execution time. And Trick is in attendance. Wait, what? What are you up to Trickster?

Meanwhile, Bo has managed to attach every piece of weapon in her inventory to some part of her person. She’s ready to kick some Dark Fae booty.


It looks like Vex likes to hang out at empty strip clubs. Odd fellow. He also likes to play with the spotlight. Bo tells him she’s there to kill him, but I think she underestimated the efficiency of mind control. Vex turns her knife on her.

At The Dell, Dyson is trying to score points for Team Dyson by playing pool with Kenzi. Lauren runs in and tells Dyson that she screwed up and that Bo’s in trouble and gives Dyson the address of where to find her.


Bo’s doing okay on her own, though. Thanks to the spiffy weapon Trick gave her, she’s able to break free of Vex’s mind control. Left with no other alternatives, Vex resorts to trying to distract Bo with promises of information about her family.


Dyson and Kenzi arrive and Dyson pulls Bo away from Vex and tells Vex to go. Angry, Bo turns the weapon on Dyson but he doesn’t back down.

Dyson: I wish I could tell you there was some grand conspiracy, but there isn’t. Vex, Siegfried, Lou Ann … they didn’t know anything about your mother. Nobody does.


Lies! Personally, I think the continued way in which Dyson has been lying to Bo is way worse than what Lauren did. But of course Lauren will be in the doghouse interminably and Dyson will probably be understood and forgiven in half a second. I wish I could be more optimistic.

Bo: Somebody knows. Somebody knows!

Meanwhile, in a body bag across town, Lou Ann is waking up from her failed execution. And why did it fail? Because of Trick.


Trick: We need to talk.

And the plot thickens!

There’s no Lauren in episode 1.09 and barely any Lauren in 1.10 and 1.11. I haven’t watched 1.12 yet. And then there’s only one episode left. Sniff.

I wish they made a video game of this show where you could choose who Bo ends up with. That would be awesome. Speaking of video games, WoW calls! See some of you in Azeroth!