las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 61-63

Episode 62 picks up a little while later, and guess who’s still hanging around the set like a creepy stalker dude? Yep, him.


They get into a loud, inappropriate argument in the middle of the studio about what happened between them. Julia does her best to tell Armando to get lost and to convince them both that their sleeping together was just sex. Armando doesn’t believe her and neither do any of us because we already know that Julia has a penthouse suite in Back-and-Forthville, overlooking a giant lake in the shape of a question mark.

Armando: It wasn’t just sex.


I’m gonna need more salted coffee if I’m going to get through this.

Over at Casa Aparicio, Mariana is hanging out with Ileana, Bruno and Isadora. They’re discussing Julia’s TV show and how Julia is going to be really famous once it airs. Then Isadora asks what the show is about, and being that the plotline is not suitable for minors, Mariana changes the subject by suggesting they go play.


Later on, Mariana is still at the Aparicio house, talking with Hernan and Rafaela. Julia wanders in and Mariana rushes to greet her, but Julia is all cold and distant and tells them that she’s tired and doesn’t want to talk about her first day of work. Mariana says she must be exhausted and offers to help her take her things to her room, but Julia tells her no. She’s going to go shower and come back down later.


Once she’s gone, Rafaela asks Mariana how the patience thing is going.

Mariana: More or less …. more less than more.

Rafaela: Don’t let impatience win, my love.

Mariana has been around the Aparicio household long enough to have absorbed some of their supernatural powers, so I think she’ll be okay. You can do it, Mariana.


Armed with Super Patience and Rafaela’s encouragement, Mariana goes to check on Julia. She tries to engage her in conversation about her day but Julia tells her she doesn’t want to talk about work.

Mariana: Well, whenever you want to talk, you can talk to me. I’m going to be patient, loving and understanding.

Julia: You always are.

Mariana: So what’s the problem?

Julia: I just can’t talk about it right now.

Mariana moves behind Julia and starts massaging her shoulders, telling her that instead of talking she can just put on some music and give her a massage so she can relax.


But it’s hard to relax when you feel insurmountable guilt over the fact that YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY AND YOU CHEATED ON HER WITH A DUFUS. SUFFER, JULIA.

Julia: What I meant to say is that … I just can’t be with you right now. It’s not because of you … it’s just I need some space.

Ah, the dreaded words.


Everyone who wants to go comfort Mariana in her hour of need form a line behind me.

The next day, Julia works on her indecision-making skills by looking at photos of herself standing beside both objects of her affection. Then she picks up the phone and makes a call.