las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 61-63


Over at casa Wilson Torres, Mariana is still excited that she and Hernan have nearly the same handwriting and she shares the revolutionary news with Julia. Julia ooohs and aaaahs at the post-it notes on the fridge and then announces that she has to go study her lines. Mariana offers to help, but Julia says that’s okay.

Mariana apologizes for acting like a child with abandonment issues and Julia says she thinks it’s good for them to do separate things once in a while. Mostly, Mariana is being her usual sweet, wonderful self and Julia is trying really hard to hide her guilt.



Later on, Julia is having trouble with some of her lines because they are too much like her real life and her real life is confusing.


Julia: It’s super complicated.

Mariana: What’s it about?

Julia: The um… the three of them are supposed to get together… you know, sleep together and afterwards Natalia feels really guilty because she slept with Ar–with Ignasio without Karen there and so she feels bad and she feels that she betrayed her and everything’s a mess.

Mariana: So why does she do it? To reaffirm her love, or…?

Julia: I don’t know! I don’t know! The thing is that this scene takes place after all of that and then she goes to try and confess and to apologize and she’s all conflicted …

So conflicted, Julia is. I mean Natalia.


Mariana starts reading the lines in an effort to help Julia, but the lines end up confusing Julia even further and she ends up saying “Mariana” where she should’ve said “Karen” and then she spazzes out and say she can’t concentrate and that she needs to go study the lines at her mom’s.


The next morning, at the Most Open-Minded House in Mexico, las Aparicio (and Aurelia) are having breakfast together. Everyone’s teasing Aurelia because she checked Rafaela’s breasts for lumps. Alma tells Aurelia that her husband died a long time ago and so it makes sense that she’d be lonely.

Mercedes: I just want to let you both know that if you end up falling in love that there’s nothing wrong with it.

Everyone has a good laugh, except for Julia, who is sitting there looking emo.


Her sisters eventually notice that Julia is being quiet but Julia plays it off that she’s nervous about the series she’s doing, and then she excuses herself and heads off.

Later on, Mariana drops by the house. Rafaela is trying to talk to her but Mariana’s all distracted because she’s not sure what’s going on with Julia lately. She thinks it might have something to do with the new job, but she’s not sure. Rafaela advices her to have patience.


I think, actually, Rafaela is speaking to us all. Listen to Rafaela, people. You don’t want to cross her.

Back on set, Julia is hallucinating again or maybe dreaming. It’s hard to tell with her sometimes.


Dream Mariana: So, Julia, what did you decide?

Julia: It’s just that … I can’t decide … because I love you both.

For some reason I have Phoebe’s song “Two of them Kissed Last Night” stuck in my head…

Phoebe: …. and now our Neil must decide, who will be the girl that he casts aside? Will Betty be the one who he loves truly? Or will it be the one who we’ll call … Ju-Lulieeee… He must decide… he must decide … even though I made him up, he must decide!

Julia doesn’t have to decide, though, which is too bad. Phoebe should write a song about that. I miss Phoebe.


Real Armando brings Julia flowers on set and tells her that she can’t pretend nothing happened, but that’s precisely what Julia is trying to do. Except she does take his flowers before walking away from him, which seems like the opposite of what she should do. But since up is down and down is up for Julia Aparicio, I guess it all makes perfect sense.