las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 55-57

Next day, Julia is whining about the double date and Mariana is annoyed with her and states that seeing Armando with Valeria must have really bothered her. Julia denies it up and down and says that she’s actually happy about it because it means that he won’t be bothering them anymore.

Mariana: If you say so.

Raise your hand if you believe Julia…

That’s what I thought.

You know who also didn’t raise her hand? Mariana. But Mariana can’t resist Julia nor her smile so her annoyance dissipates the moment Julia proposes a “game.”


Julia: What would you do if you saw your girlfriend making the bed … would you a) help her make it or b) help her unmake it?

Mariana’s answer is c) take her to the futon. Or maybe take her on the futon. I’d vote for the latter. Mariana leads her girlfriend in that direction.

Later on, they’re packing. For a trip? Nope. Apparently, they want to donate some food and clothes to victims of a recent hurricane. Hernan drops by and asks how things are going.


Things aren’t going very well, says Mariana, because they watched the news, and no one can possibly be cheerful after watching the news. Between the hurricane and the fact that the supreme court is reviewing the issue of gay adoptions … well, everything is doom and gloom.

Mariana: I don’t know whether to be angry or depressed.

Hernan agrees that things are effed up but he’s all, “We’ll see.”

Julia doesn’t understand why the government is putting so much time and effort into worrying about gay issues instead of focusing on things like catching drug dealers and murderers.

Mariana: It drives me crazy that people would rather a kid to be on the street, asking for money in a corner, shooting up on drugs, instead of being with a couple that will love him and give him all the love and care that he’ll need.

Sing it, sister.


In episode 56, we pick things up with Armando, who’s at the gallery cafe telling Ileana and her boyfriend, Bruno, that things with Julia didn’t work out exactly as planned because he can’t determine whether Julia was really jealous or if her pride was just hurt.

Ileana is very interested in making sure that Julia breaks up with Mariana and goes back to Armando, so she suggests that maybe the key is to make Mariana so jealous that she breaks things up with Julia. Bruno is more interested in finding out whether Armando slept with Valeria, but Valeria shows up to talk to Armando and that conversation is cut short.

Armando tells Valeria that their sleeping together was nice and all but that he doesn’t want anything serious and Valeria wholeheartedly agrees. Blah, blah, who cares.


Over at Mariana’s, Julia is super excited because a producer is interested in auditioning both Julia and Mariana for parts in a TV series. Mariana tells Julia to calm down because it’s just an audition and it’s not a sure thing, but Julia is an eternal optimist and wants to start celebrating right away. She proposes a romantic dinner, followed by dancing.

Mariana: Oh, my love, I’m sorry. I agreed to have dinner with Hernan.

Julia: Oh, okay, well then I guess it will be a non-romantic dinner. But then we really do have to go out dancing because I really, really want to.

Mariana: Yes, my love, but … how do I tell you this without upsetting you? It’s just that there’s a lot of things still to fix with Hernan and I would really like it if it was just the two of us. I mean, just to avoid awkwardness.

Julia: Well, okay. Why would I get mad? But you do owe me going out to party, you can’t get out of that.

I don’t know, Mariana, leaving your girlfriend alone right now sounds like a bad idea. Especially when your girlfriend is Julia Aparicio. But what do I know about women?


That evening, Mariana has dinner with Hernan. Hernan tells her that he wants to tell her something, something he’s never told anyone before and only wants his own daughter to know.

Meanwhile, Julia is … well, where else would she be but at Armando’s?

They’re talking about Valeria and Armando tells Julia that he slept with her but that he doesn’t think he should have. Julia snaps at him and asks if it’s because she hurt his ego somehow, but Armando says that it’s not it at all.


Armando: I feel like … like, I’m wasting my life and my love. Like I’m wasting my kisses and I feel like … like I’m going to end up alone and make it so that other people end up alone.

Sigh. I need a drink.

Julia: Well … I’m surprised. I’ve never heard you talk like this. On the one hand I feel bad that you ended things with this girl but on the other, it’s great that you’re thinking like this. I think it’s important for you to finally grow and for you to realize that you can’t go through life —


Yeah, there’s a shocker.

Over at Mariana’s, Hernan is telling Mariana a heartbreaking story from his days as a doctor in the war and how he had only ten minutes to evacuate with his patients but that there wasn’t enough time to get everyone to a safe zone, so they were forced to take refuge underground.


Hernan: Suddenly, two soldiers entered … and I fired. They were two young kids. I couldn’t speak for four or five days. The screwed up thing is that wars are organized and planned and used as business by adults but the ones they send to kill each other are the kids.

Over at Armando’s, the kiss didn’t get him very far. In fact, Julia’s rather upset.

Also – and this may surprise some of you – she’s confused. Yes. She gets there and she’s only about 20% confused and then by the time she leaves she’s like … 1000% confused. Which is a lot of confusion for one poor lesbisexual. Oh noes, poor Julia. Her life is so hard.

Sue Sylvester: You think this is hard? Try auditioning for Baywatch and being told they’re going in another direction. That’s hard.

Yes, thank you, Sue.


Armando tells Julia he can’t help himself because he has a lot of feelings.

Julia: You have to understand that you and I are no longer together. You have to understand that, seriously.

Armando wants to make their friendship bigger. I don’t know what that means. I guess he wants it to take over the universe, like the blob. Julia tells him to please stop kissing her, then, because all it does is confuse her.

Back at Mariana’s, Hernan is still breaking everyone’s hearts. He tells Mariana about how he lost his love, the female doctor he met during the war. He was forced to leave her behind at her insistence in order to help some patients get to safety. There were some patients that were not in any condition to be moved so his girlfriend insisted on staying behind with them. When he went back for her, he found that she, the patients, and a couple of the volunteers that remained had all been killed.


Hernan: I was left with three terrible regrets: having killed those two kids … letting my partner die … and never having met you.

*hands out tissues*


Mariana: To me, you’re a hero. I am so grateful that you told me all of this. I’m so sorry.

Hernan tells her that he wants to win back all the time lost between them, even though he knows that time is the thing you can never get back. He promises to be a really loving father from now on.