las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 52-54

We kick off episode 52 pretty much where we left off episode 51, with Mariana still chatting with Hernan about life, the universe, everything. Hernan has a lot of questions and one of them is how, having been BFF for so long, Mariana and Julia suddenly realized that they wanted to do naughty things to each other. Well, he didn’t say it quite like that, but still.


And because no lesbian relationship in the history of lesbian relationships has ever been described as “simple,” Mariana says: “It’s complicated.” Is that what their Facebook status reads or are they saving that for later?

Mariana: In truth, I needed … no, I didn’t need … I was very clear on the fact that I’d been in love with Julia for a long time, that my life without her didn’t exist. But I needed someone from outside of our microcosm to tell me, so that I could react … and now I’m with Julia. And that other person … was Dany. My ex-girlfriend. The one who loves yoga.

Hernan: Ah yes! The one who loves yoga.

Mariana: So, now Julia and I are together.

Hernan: But, it’s the good kind of love? I mean, it’s the lasting sort, the one not dependent on passion… love.

Mariana: That’s actually the problem. It’s the best kind of love. The only kind of love. I think? I don’t really know the word, but it’s too good at times and I feel like the passion can ruin it because … Well, friendships last forever, but love between couples doesn’t.

Hernan: Well, that happens to all of us.

Yes! That reminds me of this one relationship I was in … but, well, it was complicated.