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Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 43-45

Later on, Julia eats her breakfast standing up in the kitchen because she has a casting call with Mariana and she’s late. Rafaela takes the opportunity to ask Julia whether Mariana told her father that she’s gay.

Julia tells Rafaela that it’s none of her business, which is a concept that Rafaela Aparicio will never understand. Everything is Rafaela’s business. She collect’s people’s affairs like baseball cards. So of course Mariana coming out is her business.

Julia then starts rambling about how coming out is difficult for all parties involved. Julia asks Rafaela to put herself in Hernan’s shoes.

Julia: How would you feel if I told you I was gay, for example?

Rafaela: I’d be happy. I’d love you the same.

But Julia says that Rafaela is a special and unique snowflake of a mother and more traditional parents would have a problem with their daughter coming up to them and saying, “I’m gay and I have sex with my girlfriend.” Is that how we’re doing it now?

She then excuses herself to go to the audition.

After the audition, Mariana and Julia joke about how they landed the infomercial and how embarrassing it will be when it actually airs. They run into Hernan who is waiting for Mariana in front of her apartment.


Hernan asks if he can borrow Mariana’s computer. Hernan goes to use Mariana’s computer and Julia and Mariana go to the kitchen, where Mariana tells Julia that Hernan saw them kissing and now knows she’s gay.

Julia is kind of freaking out about it and then Mariana tells her to imagine what’ll happen if Hernan decides to call Rafaela his in-law to her face.

Julia: Why would he call her his in-law? We’d have to be together for that to happen.

Mariana: Well, that’s what he thinks because he saw us kissing.

Julia: I have to talk to you about something, but I know it’s not the best time…

Hernan and his impecable timing interrupt this conversation. He’s having trouble with the computer and Mariana goes to help him.

Later on, Hernan is gone and Mariana and Julia are still in the kitchen. Mariana asks Julia to tell her what she wanted to tell her.

Julia: I wanted to tell you … well, that I already expressed to you that I’m sure … and that I’m happy … and that I want to be with you. True?

Mariana: True.

Julia: Well, now … I need for you to tell it to me.

Mariana: Calm down, Aparicio! Julia, come here.


Mariana: Julia Aparicio, I love you. And I want to be with you.

Julia: Finally, you tell me! Now show me.








And then, in the middle of all that awesomeness we learn that…




Let’s just enjoy this while we can…



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