las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 39-42


Rafaela’s storyline still involves dipping her toes into everyone else’s business, while being as subtle about it as possible. In some cases it means not being subtle at all. As long as she knows what all her daughters are up to, she’s happy. She’s even happier when she’s involved in some way. She’s also very busy trying to hide evidence and paperwork from Leonardo.


Alma breaks up with Leonardo because she finds pictures of herself in his desk. The truth, of course, is that Leonardo had someone following her to discover whether or not she was involved in Maximo’s death, but he tells her he had her followed because he was jealous and wanted to make sure she wasn’t cheating on him. Well, either way, Alma’s pissed.


Mercedes and Claudio have finally stopped pretending they’re not attracted to one another. Mercedes doesn’t trust Claudio so she keeps him at arms length, though she has trouble resisting him at the same time. This will probably go on for a while…

Julia/Mariana (and those other people)

We kick off episode 39 with a slumbering Julia who wakes up to find a naked Armando in bed with her. And she’s all, “Aaahh!” And we’re all, “Aaah!!” and Armando’s all, “I am dead sexy and neked. Let’s get it on.” But Julia points out that Mariana is there.


Armando promises they won’t make noise. In fact, she probably won’t feel a thing and it’ll be over in fifteen seconds, give or take. He leans in to kiss her and she starts to let him but then she comes to her senses and pushes him away. Then she wakes up for real and turns around to find only Mariana in bed with her.


Moving swiftly away from the ickiness of it all, we pick things up again at breakfast, where Mercedes joyfully announces that Rodo (that homophobic jerk that hit Mariana) has been arrested. Everyone starts to clap.



And while everyone is super happy about the announcement, Mercedes does tell them that if Rodo makes bail then he’ll likely be out in a few days. But that either way, he’ll have gotten a taste of prison and next time he’ll think twice before being a homophobic jerk.

Unfortunately, optimism has no place in a soap opera…

Mariana and Rafaela are on their way home from a day spent shopping when Rodo, having spent about as long in prison as Julia did in Spain, poofs out of the nether to cackle evily and make it known that his guest spot on this show is not yet over. He openly threatens them while wearing his Powder Blue Hoodie of Doom.

Rafaela’s all, “Bitch, please.”


Rafaela: “You know what happens to the individuals that mess with my family? They die from a gun shot.”

Good thing Leonardo isn’t around to hear her say that or he’d know for sure that Rafaela killed Maximo and then he’d be forced to shout, “MY NAME IS LEONARDO VILLEGAS. YOU KILLED MY ADOPTIVE FATHER – PREPARE TO DIE!” But that storyline isn’t going away quite yet, so there’s no sword-wielding Leonardo popping out of the nothing. Sadness.

Since Rodo knows he’s protected from harm by the Powder Blue Hoodie of Doom, he only laughs and then tells them, “Tonight I’m going to be at the amphitheater place beating up some gays. Here’s the address and the time I will be doing illegal things. And here’s my phone number in case you want to text me the exact time you and the authorities will be there to catch me in the act. Okay? Cool. Later, lesbos.”