las aparicio

Las Aparicio Recap Episodes 25-30


Rafaela is busy these days trying to put out fires in all of her daughters’ lives. It’s rough being a meddling mother. She’s got Alma’s relationship with Leonardo to fix. She’s got Mercedes’ latest Crusade for Justice to join in on. She’s got Julia’s lesbisexuality to unearth. When she’s got a spare moment she helps Isadora with her homework and somehow finds enough time to drink her gourmet coffee, light candles for her ex-husbands, and make fun of Iliana for doing yoga. I wish I had her time management skills.


Oh hey, remember when I said Alma was emo because she couldn’t tell Leonardo the truth about her escort business ventures? Well, scratch that, because she finally tells him the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and at first Leonardo is like, “YOU BIOTCH WHY DID YOU TELL ME YOUR SECRETS AFTER I HAVE BEEN SUBTLY PUSHING YOU TO TELL ME YOUR SECRETS? I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU WHILE REMAINING TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS AT THE SAME TIME. NOW EVERYTHING IS RUINED! RUINED! WOE!”

But then he gets over it, or pretends to get over it, while still having issues with it, and he and Alma get back together and he resigns himself to making passive aggressive comments about her “job.” Mostly, he takes issue with the fact that she has to “initiate” the new escorts (read: sex them up three ways from Sunday). Particularly, he hates that she slept with Alejandro because he’s jealous of Alejandro. This works out really well because as it turns out, Alejandro is super jealous of Leonardo.

Speaking of Alejandro, he was super happy for a while because he was growing closer to Alma and then Alma and Leonardo broke up, so he was even happier, but then Alma and Leonardo got back together and now he’s emo. He and Mariana need to join some sort of club and discuss the unfortunate luck of being loveable, well-adjusted characters in a soap opera.


After going after one of the strongest/wealthiest families in Mexico in order to win rights for a transgender client (and succeeding), Super Mercedes now finds herself with a client who wants to go after the Mexican government. NO PROBLEM. And afterwards, Mercedes will single-handedly plug up the oil leak in the Gulf, close up the sinkhole in Guatemala, and still be home in time to tuck her daughter into bed. Because she’s just that awesome.