Just some TBSOL rambling, don’t mind me


I think I have a notebook addiction problem. I’d always suspected as much, but yesterday, as I went to shelve some newly-arrived Moleskines, I realized that I really have a notebook addiction problem. But I suppose there’s worse afflictions and they’re just so pretty. All black and sexy and…


So, yesterday I wrote Chapter 13 and then I noticed that according to my outline, Chapter 14 could easily be combined with Chapter 13 and so Chapter 14 is now…well Chapter 14. But it will be what Chapter 15 was meant to be. Even I have no idea what I just said. The point is that in terms of content progression, I’m way ahead of schedule and that’s glorious. At some point after midnight I thought it would be a good idea to start Chapter 14 and then I lost all track of time and when I looked up it was 4AM. So now Chapter 14 (the one that would have been Chapter 15) is halfway done.

I’ve taken to writing in Google Docs. I didn’t expect this to be a thing I ever did (because I tend to hate web based things), but yesterday when I went into the office to copy and paste part of a scene from the main file into the Work In Progress file in Google, I realized how convenient it was that I could do that and then walk back to the living room and have everything waiting for me on the laptop, without having to save and send and download. Me gusta. Also, sharing things with my beta team is as easy as giving them editing permissions and that’s revolutionary.

TBSOL is going well, is what I’m saying. At least, I think it is. I’ve not heard back from my betas yet, so I’m not sure whether any of it is good, but at least progress is being made, which means this book may be out before the next Rapture/End of the World event.

Here’s your daily reminder to add a sentence to the growing madness that is this collaborative story.

And remember: When you’re alone, there’s no shame in pretending you’re a carrot. As long as it’s not a baby carrot. Cause that would be weird.