I Want to Talk About TBSOL


I really do.

I want to talk about what I’m doing, what I’m thinking of doing, and why I’m thinking of doing those things. I want to explain my choices. I want to walk you through my plans.

I want to talk about TBSOL because I’ve never felt like writing this book was a solo journey. So many of you have been there since the beginning, giving me feedback, reading my drafts. So many of you continue to be there, and continue to support me through all of my versions and all of my craziness, and I love you for it. Truly. Thank you.

I want to talk about TBSOL.

But I’m not going to.

I promised myself I wouldn’t. I promised myself that this time around, I would shut up and just write.

This time around there are no beta readers, no beta team. It’s just me and the keyboard and a whole lot of coffee.

And it’s really effing weird.

So, this post is mostly to say: I’m alive, and I’m writing. I’ve been writing. Off and on. On and off. Well and poorly. Fast and slow. Word after word after word. I’m writing.

I’m not going to talk about TBSOL. This may be the last time I mention it for a very long time. A very long time. Like… at least a week.

But, since we’re friends…

One of my favorite authors, Caitlín R. Kiernan, had a blog back in the day in which she talked about the daily process of writing one of her novels, and as a writer, I found this blog fascinating and invaluable.

I don’t expect to offer anything nearly as fascinating or invaluable to my own readers, but I didn’t want to feel completely disconnected, either, since some of you do love and appreciate the minutia.

So, for those of you who are interested in process, or progress, or in the general abstract randomness that goes into the writing of a book, I’ve started a thing here: http://process.ingriddiaz.com

I don’t know exactly what it is, or what it may become, but it is there for the curious. More importantly, it is public, but mostly hidden, and not filling up your Facebook feeds or inboxes.

It’s a win-win.

Finally: No matter where you are in the world, I pray you are safe.

As always, thank you for your existence.

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  • jcaudill

    I just wanted to write let you know that I enjoyed TBSoL very much.

    I don’t know what you plan on changing or updating, but I’ve read it over again about 5 times and I love it. I get lost in the feelings of the characters. It makes me feel good on bad days. And gives me hope for the future.

    You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You are very talented (i’m sure others have told you so) and this book is wonderful.

    Thank you for writing.


  • Julie Anne

    Hello Ms. Writer :) I just finished reading TBSOL and I really super enjoyed it.It made me smile a lot from beginning til end, laughing alone even which my mom and brothers thought I had lost my mind. I find your writing very witty and I love the twists of the story. Or should I say; I’m in love with your work,really :) It’s my first time to read a novel like this because my bestfriend made me to. Well, not technically..it’s just that she outed herself just recently and the idea made me to do so. I wanted you to know that I really like and appreciate your positive stand about it. It widens my horizon :) I have so much things to say actually I just can’t really put it into words right now. Plus I’m not that good in English..anyway, maybe what I’m trying to say is just an elaboration of the words “thank you” :)

    Thank you very much Ms. Ingrid you’re incredible! :)


    I wanted to let you know that I read the CLEXA version of TBSOL and I absolutely ADORE it!! I don’t know how close it is to the original, but I definitely want to find out, so I am going to read whatever version I can find here. Thank you so much for writing this story and for writing at all. I imagine it is a mix of terrifying, satisfying, and frustrating!

    What you do is really a gift to us all. Positive LGBT+ representation is so important.

  • eli

    Hola, en realidad no se muy bien que escribir, solo que estaba por volver a leer tu libro TBSOL (por 5 vez ajaja creo que me ha gustado un poco mucho tu libro) y quería simplemente felicitarte y agradecerte por la historia. espero que tengas buen día

  • jpl

    Sorry, I hit the Submit button too soon.
    Something else I wanted to say :
    Why don’t you publish in installments on Kindle unlimited, like (for example) J. A. Armstrong “By Design” series.

  • jpl

    J’ai terminé TBSOL V2 ce matin vers 5 heures. Je n’ai pas pu m’arrêter avant d’avoir fini, heureusement que je n’ai plus à me lever tôt pour aller travailler.
    Je n’ai pas lu V1, j’ai lu Alix & Valérie l’an dernier, mais je n’avais pas autant aimé.
    Quelque peu frustré d’arriver à la fin sans que Kris n’ait parlé à sa mère, avant le buzz médiatique. Je n’arrive pas non plus à admettre que Julianne n’a eu aucune aventure/expérience amoureuse en près de dix ans à Hollywood.

  • Enrico

    Ok, let’s talk about TBSOL for a second.
    I’ve just finished the draft and I really loved it.
    You know, this is just a draft, but it already has fifty reviews on Goodreads, 277 ratings (71% five stars – 92% four and five stars – 0% 1 or 2 stars).
    All these numbers to testify that many people love your book and to thank you for your work.

  • Tam

    Ingrid, que bueno leer eso de TBSOL otra vez. por favor sigue dándonos capítulos de esta historia que ya siento nuestra. nada más toma café y sigue escribiendo que extraño a Julianne y Kris.

  • Andrea Hernández

    Hola Ingrid! Espero que no te moleste que te escriba en español, sólo quería comentarte que en un grupo de FB nos hemos propuesto hacer un círculo de lectura, mismo que empieza con un intercambio de opiniones respecto a “El Lado Ciego Del Amor”. Te lo comento porque fue la opción que más votos tuvo, lo que demuestra cuántas ( y cuántos) fans te seguimos y estamos eternamente enamorados de tu texto. Sigue así, saludos desde la Ciudad de México ñ_ñ

    • Ingrid Díaz

      Gracias, Andrea. Me alegra mucho saberlo. :)

    • Tam

      que grupo de facebook es ese? me darias el link para unirme por favor? :)

    • DIANA

      Yo también quiero el link :)

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