Of Life & Randomness

I should be doing many things but updating my journal right now…

… so of course I’m updating my journal right now.

We’re currently in the middle of giving our apartment an HGTV-like makeover because our friend Erin is visiting next week and we were worried she might think we are a couple of hoarders. But that’s not really the reason we’re turning the apartment upside down. The main reason is that K’s going to be working from home starting Really Soon and we needed to conjure up an office space for her out of thin air. I’m … not sure how that’s going.

Last night we watched Wicked: A Xena Musical which is made of too much win to fully express in words. So I will express through song, dance and YouTube. Not my own singing and dancing, of course, because that would scar you for life.

In other news, Alix & Valerie is now available on the Kindle which is exciting. It’ll also work on Kindle for iPhone, iPad or any other device that has the Kindle app on it.


And now I am being told that I need to get off my butt. Damn. Back to work!