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Changing My Twitter Name and Some Things I’m Excited About


30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 11


In the ongoing battle between dragons and winged unicorns, dragons reign supreme. Okay, there’s no real battle between dragons and winged unicorns—that I’m aware of—but it would appear that about 95% of you would rather ride around town on a dragon. I suppose it makes sense. You show up to school/work on a fire-breathing dragon and suddenly your coolness factor goes up a few notches. No one’s going to mess with the person riding a dragon.  Still, I feel bad for the winged unicorns.

On Changing My Twitter Account Name

A few people asked me why I changed my Twitter name from @dreams_ to @idiaz. So I thought I’d explain the decision in case anyone else was wondering. My decision can be summed up in one very boring word: branding.

When I first signed up for Twitter a few years ago, my name was associated with my professional blogging persona. I was not Ingrid Díaz the lesbian author/tv show recapper/whatever you think I am now—I was Ingrid Díaz the blogger.

In other words: This girl.

So when I signed up for Twitter, I got the name @idiaz. Most of the people who followed me were involved in the pro blogging world and our relationship was strictly professional. I wasn’t friends with most of them. This was great for professional networking, but I wasn’t about to crowd these people’s twitter feeds with random tweets about lesbians on TV shows.

The people following me were a bizarre mixture of people from the blogging world, a few friends, and a few readers of TBSOL. I had no idea who I was addressing when I tweeted anything, so I became self-conscious and didn’t tweet anything at all for a very long time. I felt I couldn’t be myself and that bothered me. Part of the problem is that I wasn’t really “out” at work or to my colleagues.

I decided that if I was going to use Twitter at all, I needed a new identity that was separate from my blogging one. So I created @dreams_. I figured this would be my Free to Be Me twitter account. I started following gay people, tweeting random things, and making connections with awesome people. I abandoned my @idiaz  account completely and focused on @dreams_.

Over the past year, I’ve worked on moving away from “problogger me” and switching over to “author me” or “writer of lesbian things me” which is another way of simply saying “me.” That makes me much happier than whatever I was before that.

So switching my Twitter account back to @idiaz  was just my way of reclaiming part of my online identity.

Now @dreams_ points to the account that used to be @idiaz  so I still own the account name. I’m just not using it currently.

//.end boring story

On TBSOL Editing

I told K that my feelings about TBSOL could be described thusly: At first it was my baby and I wanted to love it and cuddle it forever and ever. But now it has grown up into an obnoxious teenager that sits around in his underwear all day eating my food and scratching himself inappropriately. I want him to move out and get a job.

That said, I’m still two weeks ahead of schedule and the novel has dropped from ~195,000 words to ~188,000. Still insane, but hey, progress. The word count is going to climb back up because I’m adding a new scene that will become the new Chapter One. But then it should drop back down as I continue editing through the chapters. Blah blah blah.

TBSOL Progress Report: It’s going. My goal is to get it under 150,000 words. But it’ll be what it’ll be.

//.end TBSOL progress report

30 Day Questions Challenge—Day 11: What’s one thing you’re really excited about? Why?

One thing only? I’ve got so many. I will share a few things I’m really excited about (in some sort of order that’s kind of chronological but not really)…

  • S’mores Poptarts! My mom sent me two boxes.
  • Getting a new couch and rearranging the entire apartment so we have more room/can house guests better. It’s going to be legen—wait for it—dary!
  • Hanging out with our friend Hannah at some point in the near future and hearing about this “brilliant idea” she has. I’m hoping it involves us taking over the world somehow.
  • My BFF Jay visiting. Hopefully soon?
  • The release of The Snow Queen’s Shadow by Jim C. Hines on July 5th because it’s the last book of the series and I can’t wait to read it.
  • The return of Pretty Little Liars on June 14th because I can’t live without my PLLs.
  • The return of Rizzoli & Isles on July 11th even though I have a bad feeling about subtext next season.
  • Camping in the Everglades Meeting up with some friends in the US later on in the summer.
  • Finishing TBSOL once and for all because seeing it in print will make me so happy. So happy.

There are other things, I’m sure. But that’s enough for now. Are you guys excited about anything?

Hey, do you have a blog or website?

I like to spread the love, so if you’ve got a blog or a website or a thing that you’d like people to visit, I’d love to include it on my sidebar. So just comment with a link. You don’t have to link back to me if you don’t wish to.