Interpretive Dancing and Something About a Cross-dressing Dragon


30 Day PHoto Challenge—Day 9

My ability to focus today is lingering somewhere in the negative numbers, so I expect this post to be a little bit … country. No, not country. Not really rock & roll either. I’m not really sure what this post is going to be. But I hope it mutates into something cool, like a cross-dressing dragon. I really want chocolate. And a dragon. I want a dragon to bring me chocolate.

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Some Random Videos That Make Me Happy (just because)

Before I head off to make another cup of coffee, I wanted to share some random videos I’ve been watching lately.

First, this Leslie/Ann (Parks & Recreation) video—IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY IN MY SOUL. I think I will just watch this video first thing every morning so that my day can be filled with Ann and Leslie and gay penguins. There should really be more gay penguins in my life.

“Everyone is just who they are, and who they are is just stone-cold gay.”

Thanks, BuffyFan357 for making this awesomeness.

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Hellcats – Savannah/Marti Fanvid

Marti/Savannah are my new, subtexty, never-gonna-actually-happen-but-at-least-there’s-fanfic couple. You can find them on the CW’s Hellcats.

My friend Julia sent me this video and I felt compelled to share it.


Katie Melua – The Flood

I’m a big Katie Melua fan and I’m very excited about her latest album, The House, which comes out on May 25 (yay!). I’m totally in love with this song, “The Flood,” so I thought I’d share it.