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2015: Here We Go Again

image.pngI can’t pretend I was much of a writer in 2014. I was a student, and later a teacher, and then at some point, a crazy tennis fan, and that about sums up my 2014.

So, here we are at the start of a new year, and I begin it with the same blind optimism with which I’ve begun every year prior: This is the year I become an ideal version of myself. This is the year I accomplish all my goals, and see all of my dreams realized.

And maybe it will be. And maybe it won’t. I’ve decided it’s okay either way.

I’m making no promises, no resolutions. Less talking, more doing is my motto for the year. We’ll see what comes of that.

All of that to say: I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful and productive start to 2015. Above all, I wish you health and happiness.

Of Life & Randomness

Onwards and Upwards: An Update

Ah, blogging, how I’ve missed you.

Those of you who are signed up to receive my newsletter are aware that I’ve taken a step back from TBSOL. I’m still working on it – don’t worry –  I’m just trying not to stress out about it.  There are writers who can force it, just pound on the keys until the words come out and the book is finished. I’d (probably) be a lot better off if I were that kind of writer, but I’m not.

This book has become too important to me to wing it haphazardly and I was getting to the point where I just didn’t care anymore if it was good or bad or if anything made sense. I just wanted to finish it. That’s not what I want for this book (especially not for its final version), and I’m certain that’s not what most readers want either. So, I’m hitting pause until I feel I can approach the book from a better emotional standpoint.

TBSOL FV will be done, and when it is done you will know about it. Promise.

the midnight sisterhood: a series

I’m excited to announce the title of my next project: The Midnight Sisterhood, a young adult series about an all-female secret society operating out of (fictional) Midnight Island. There will be spies and mysteries and ghosts and psychics and aliens – and of course – gay girls and romance.

At some point in the future, I’ll be re-launching midnightisland.com as the official hub of the series, and there will be lots more info about it there.

I’m still laying down the foundations of the world, the various plots, and – my favorite part – creating all the characters, but here’s what I can reveal for now:

  • The Midnight Sisterhood is comprised of various secret Orders
  • There are vigilantes, paranormal investigators, hackers, psychics, people with special powers and so on and so forth, all belonging to different Orders with specified operations, and all at different hierarchies of knowledge, access, and power
  • I’m starting the first book with the characters of the High School Vigilante Order, whose main purpose is to spy, gather info, and rectify wrongs wherever they see fit.
  • It will be an LGBTQ series, and most of the main characters will fall somewhere in the not-straight spectrum.

So, that’s what I’m working on when I’m not working on TBSOL.  Most of this will sound familiar if you’ve kept up with the blog, as I’ve mentioned the series before. Now it’s finally taking shape, so I’m excited to be giving it more attention.

in non-writing news:

  • I did an interview with Cúpula de Libros which was featured in the first issue of their Bookovers magazine. Check it out!
  • I’m starting a course in May to get a TEFL certification, which means I’ll be fully qualified to teach English to non-native speakers. I’m excited about that.
  • I’ll be playing WildStar when it launches in June, and looking for people to play with/talk about the game with, so if you’re planning to hit Nexus, let me know!

And that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you’re having a glorious day. Find me on Facebook and Twitter for all my daily nonsense.

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Poe vs the Elephant: An Ongoing Saga


My mom gave K a stuffed pink elephant named Rose, because K  loves elephants. Rose lives on the top shelf of one of our bookcases, along with K’s collection of elephant figurines.

Poe and Rose have a complicated relationship.

Every single day, without fail, we walk into the office to find Rose on the floor. This has remained a source of amusement and confusion because he doesn’t do this with anything else. He’s only interested in Rose. No matter where we put her, she always winds up on the floor.

But only once per day.

A few days ago, I was in my office at around four in the morning. Poe was sleeping. He woke up rather suddenly, jumped down from his tree, and dragged his half-asleep body into the office. A few seconds later, I heard a noise behind me, and turned around to find Rose on the floor.

Poe stared up at me with a sleepy sort of glare, returned to his tree, and went back to sleep.

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TBSOL – Notes From Last Night

I was really out of it yesterday after only managing a couple of hours of sleep, which I thought meant I’d fall asleep early and easily, but 2AM rolled around and I was still awake.

Sort of awake.

In and out of awake.

I remember I was trying to fall asleep while thinking about TBSOL and what was left to write. At one point, I had this vision of Kris jumping out of a bed shouting, “FRIES!” and I’m pretty sure I was asleep by that point, but I still remember thinking, “OH MY GOD THAT’S AMAAAAAAZING …. OHHHH BRILLIANT…. WRITE THAT DOWN!”

But I fell back asleep.

Or I thought I did.

I don’t actually recall reaching for my iPad in the middle of the night, but I guess I must have because today I found this:

TBSOL notes

… thanks half-asleep, me.

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The Thing in the Box

Happy Friday the 13th! It’s bad luck to be superstitious so I hope you’re all having a good day. I’m having a fabulous day, thanks for asking.

My day started with a box:


Within this box was a thing of wonder. A magical object capable of turning the mundane into the awesome, the bleh into the yay… Indeed, within this box there was…

continue reading…

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“I miss the LJ days.”

I was chatting with my friend Lish this morning and she said, “I miss the LJ days.” I couldn’t help but agree. LiveJournal is still there, of course, and many people still use it, but it isn’t what it used to be back in 2001 when I first joined. I made a lot of friends through LJ, and I often miss having daily insights into their lives. Now we’re all scattered across the Internet, our online presence a random assortment of fragmented moments. A tweet here, a photo there. The virtual landscape evolves, and people move on.

When I switched from LJ to my own blog I suffered a bit of a brain freeze. LiveJournal felt safe to me. I felt like I knew who I was writing to whenever I posted something there. I didn’t feel self-conscious. Here, though, I’m never sure. I think that uncertainty is partly to blame for my occasional bouts of silence. It’s not that I don’t want to write (although sometimes I don’t want to write), it’s more that I’m not sure who it is I’m writing to and that affects what I want to say.

At 33, I really thought I’d have a better grasp on who I am as a person and as a writer. But these days I’m more inclined to believe that none of us really knows who they are. We’re all desperately looking around, constructing and reconstructing ourselves, following other people’s leads and trying to appear as though we know what we’re doing. It should be the easiest thing to be who we are — what else can we be? — but I think it’s what we most struggle with, in the end. That feeling of never quite fitting in.

My point is, I, too, miss the LJ days. continue reading…

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Some thoughts on life, Pinterest and Lost Girl (not at the same time)


For my birthday, I wanted to write a list of 33 things I’ve learned in 33 years, because 33 seems like an age that would grant access to a bottomless well of wisdom and knowledge (it doesn’t). I could probably come up with 33 things off the top of my head, like “you shouldn’t get attached to anything on the internet,” or “being kind might get your heart stomped on, but odds are you’ll regret it less than being cruel.”  I could make a list like that, but I think I’ll wait until I turn 40. Certainly then I’ll be wise and all-knowing, or at least think that I am.

continue reading…

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Tabula Rasa


Welcome to my new home at ingriddiaz.com! Getting this domain name was a very long and arduous process. I owned it once, and then I lost it (bad, Ingrid) and then I couldn’t get it back for the longest time because for some inexplicable reason someone really wanted to use it to sell exercise equipment. But after a few rounds of naked oil wrestling, I came out victorious.

And here we are.

For me, it’s still a bit strange. Like when you move to a new place and you invite someone over and you’re going, “Isn’t it great?” And they’re like, “Yeah… yeah. But…why’d you move? Your old place was nice and this one kind of smells like a morgue.” And you’re like, “Oh! It’s probably because of those blood stains on the carpet.” And they’re like, “I really should get going…” And you’re like, “Let me show you the basement first.” And they’re like, “Hey, what are you doing with that knife?” And —

Wait, I think I lost my point somewhere.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I’m still settling into my new place, and that it’s probably haunted.

Anyway, for now all of my old blog posts will remain over at the MI journal, but I’ll eventually start migrating them over, little by little. Or all at once. Or not at all. Or on a case by case basis. I haven’t decided. Depends what the voices tell me to do.

Please make yourself at home! (Don’t mind the packing boxes or the cobwebs or those noises coming from upstairs – it’s just the wind…)

quick TBSOL FV update

Chapter 37 is complete and will be heading off to my esteemed beta team once chapter 38 is finished.  As always, if you wish to join my beta team, you must first allow me to invade your inbox from time to time. I promise I’ll be gentle. Coincidentally, “I promise I’ll be gentle,” is one of the things that Kris says to Julianne in chapter 37:


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I’ve Missed You

So, I have a cat. His name is Poe. Anyone who follows me across any of my 300 social media networks knows that I have a cat named Poe, but since I hadn’t blogged in a while I thought it would be wise to start with what you may have missed.

So, here goes.

The past few months have been awesome and fun and life-altering and hilarious and stressful and heartbreaking and awful.

continue reading…

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Some Photos from the Iphone

I don’t take photos with my iPhone very often because the iPhone 3GS camera sucks and I prefer my real camera. But I do occasionally take photos with the iPhone. Then I forget about the photos because I assume they’re terrible.

Yesterday, after two years, I imported all of the photos to my computer and concluded that yes, 98% of them suck. As in, they’re blurry or dark or are of inexplicable things like a french fry or the ceiling.

But some came out okay.


Okay! Here goes…

I’ve broken the photos into categories.

continue reading…