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Awkward Hugs & Coffee (or All Topics Lead to Girls Kissing)

30 day photo challenge – day 10


Today I told K that if I were ever to go into business, I’d open up a café called “Hugs & Coffee.” You’d get coffee and then you could get a free hug to go with it. She said it would probably be awkward to get hugs from a stranger. So I agreed to change the name to “Awkward Hugs & Coffee.” I’d probably hire a big cuddly gay guy to give out the hugs. I’m totally thinking of Ivan from Being Erica. You know who I mean?


Ivan is awesome. Also I wish Goblins were a real place (and in Lyon) because I would live there every day of my life. Also you have no idea what I’m talking about. Watch Being Erica. Not only does it have cuddly gay guys, it also occasionally has Anna Silk as a kick-ass lesbian named Cassidy.

I will now use that as an excuse to post these screencaps:

image image image
Being Erica 1.09 “Everything She Wants”

Thank you, Canada.

What was I talking about? Oh yes, hugs and coffee. I like how I can tie anything to girls making out on TV.

This morning I discovered what the saddest sadness looks like. Contains The Good Wife Spoilers…so only highlight the white space if you wanna know… The saddest sadness looks like Kalinda Sharma crying in the elevator. There is no sadder sadness that Kalinda crying. If you watch The Good Wife then you know exactly what I mean. If you don’t watch The Good Wife, you really should. I wouldn’t lie to you. Invite me over and we’ll watch it together.

30 Day Questions Challenge – Day 10:  What family member are you closest to?

My mom. My mom is the greatest human being in the whole world. I live each day hoping to grow up to be half the person she is. <3