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Adventures in coffee-shopping

photo (13)Yesterday the apartment was in a State of Emergency because we ran out of coffee. Inconceivable! So, out we went into the wilds of Lyon to rectify the situation. I had to have coffee. And it couldn’t be just any coffee, either, but my coffee, which is only sold by one grocery chain. The one nearest to our apartment doesn’t carry it (jerks). So we had to go elsewhere.

There was a little bit of getting lost along the way, mainly because they kept closing off roads, but we made it eventually. And the important thing? We found my coffee.

I proceeded to grab every single bag they had (see: our grocery cart, pictured right), which made people look at me funny.

On the way home, we got really, really lost because they closed down the road leading to where we live. They diverted us off in some other direction which went on forever and ever.

K: There’s nowhere to turn.

Me: Where are we even headed? Oh, look, there’s a sign for Italy.

Sadly, we didn’t make it all the way to Italy. Eventually, we saw another sign for Lyon and headed that way. And you know where that led? To another closed road.

Then we found more signs. And you know where those led? To the original closed road. We were going around in circles.

K: And of course we’re behind the only moron on the road.

Me: He keeps swerving. Maybe he’s drunk.

K: I think he’s just lost.

The car in front of us kept slowing down, slowing down more, swerving off to one side, then the other. I really thought he was drunk. At one point he nearly stopped completely.

K: Ohhhh my God! What is he doing? I’m going to hit him.

Me: It’s probably a serial killer. I saw this in a movie once. They make you bump them with your car and then they drag you off to their dungeon and then they kill you.

We eventually got close enough to the serial killer to see that it wasn’t so much the big scary murderer I was envisioning, but actually a really tiny old lady who could barely see over the steering wheel. So maybe a retired serial killer.

About an hour later (of being literally like 5 minutes from our apartment but not being able to actually get to it), we finally made it home.

Today is another gorgeous day in Lyon, and to celebrate, here’s a photo of the view from my balcony taken about 10 minutes ago:


So far, the photo daily challenge is winning in the poll, so I will likely go with that. Whatever challenge I go with, I’ll be starting it on May 1st.

Sunday or Monday we leave to visit my sister-in-law at her new house in … I forget the name. Yutz? I think that’s it. Road trip! I love road trips.

Time for breakfast. Well, more like brunch at this point.