A Little Bit of Life and a Little Bit of Rayne

Today is K’s birthday — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, K!!!!

It would also be my best friend Christy’s 31st birthday. Earlier, I listened to both discs of Jekyll & Hyde: The Gothic Musical Thriller because it is awesome and because I know she would’ve enjoyed that. Happy birthday, Christy. I know you sang along with me.

In other news, my other BFF, Jay (who is an awesome writer and you should check out his website), appeared in a short film! You should watch it because it involves girls in pajamas talking about geeky things. Jay plays the pizza delivery boy.

In celebration of today, I spent a chunk of the day outlining all the major plot points of The Third Seer (Rayne Book #1) and setting up the Big Bad Villain of Book #2. There’s still a lot of work to be done, not the least of which is actually writing it, but I’m happy with the progress.

Back in May, I talked a bit about some of the changes that I was planning. This would only make sense to those of you that read the first six chapters of the first draft.

I got a few emails asking me why I’d opted to make those particular changes, so here go some answers.

Why get rid of Naia and Ry?

Originally, Naia and Ry were going to play an important part of the plot, except I never got around to establishing their purpose. In the end, they came across as very flat characters and there’s nothing I hate more than flat characters. It is likely that they will still exist in the second version. But they will not be main characters.

Why get rid of Braeden?

I have to be honest: I hated Braeden. With a fiery passion. I brought him in as a (temporary) love interest for Aeryn, but every time I went to write him I wanted to punch him in the face. Since my original plans for the storyline changed, I realized there was no reason for Braeden to be there anymore.

Why bring in a demon?

I wanted to bring a non-human character into Aeryn’s and Azure’s circle. So, I was trying to think of an unlikely ally, which, given Azure’s religious convictions, could be pretty much anything. But having Azure befriend a demon sounded too ridiculous and awesome to pass up. Also: She’s going to be really fun to write.

Any new characters besides this demon?

Yes! Two major ones that I can think of off the top of my head. One is named Taryn. She’s going to be Aeryn’s BFF. She will play a major role. The other is named Allon. And that’s all I’m going to say about him.

Any other romances besides Aeryn/Azure?

YES. Oh you want more details? Hmm. There’s something of a love triangle involving some of the other major characters. It will not end up in a threesome or a polyamorous relationship, though, I promise.

Will Rayne be posted to the Internets?

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with Rayne, exactly. But I will likely do a closed beta type thing, because feedback as I go is very helpful to me. This will likely be invitation only. If you’d like to be invited, shoot me an email.