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30 Day Photo/Questions Challenge—Day 8

My brain is somewhat melted from writing this other post today, so I’m just going to cut to the coffee chase! Today I bring you …

30 Day Photo Challenge—Day 8: Coffee & a MacBook Pro


I think I could totally pull off a 365 days of coffee challenge.


30 Day Questions Challenge—Day 8: Do you write poems or songs? If so, post one.

Ah, poetry. I used to write poetry. Lots and lots of poetry. I don’t anymore, although I do make up songs on the fly.

I will share a poem I wrote in college:

HOT by Ingrid Díaz

I woke up this morning thinking

“Today I’m gonna be HOT!”

Today I’m gonna walk down the street

And all the girls will turn their heads and think

“Damn… I want some of that!”

The guys will look on with envy saying,

“Shit … she’s gonna get all the chicks!”

That’s right

Cause today

I’m gonna be HOT

Cars will skid to a stop

Not-so-subtle marks left on the road

So that those who pass by will nod

And agree, “Oh yeah, she’s HOT!”

Girls’ numbers will fall at my feet

Lining the sidewalk like rose petals

They’ll roll out the red carpet

While casting

Admiring glances at my sexy behind



I won’t have to pay

I can just lay

Back and relax

And watch

As the world revolves around me

Cause – that’s right

I’m gonna be HOT

But don’t feel threatened

Just take a number

And wait in line

You too could be mine

Don’t hold your breath, though

I’m in high demand

Cause today

Just today