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30 Day Challenges–Day 3

Here we are again. I had to think long and hard about today’s drawing challenge (they don’t call this a challenge for nothing!)

My favorite food? I don’t know. I love all types of food from all different places. How to choose?

K helped me narrow it down, though. Thank you, K.

So, without further ado, I present to you…

Day 3—My Favorite Food



K: That’s your favorite food?

Me: Yeah!

K: That could be anything!

Me: It captures the essence. They’ll understand.

Right? Right.

Day 3 – Pairing that should get together already

Jeez, where to begin? Booth and Brennan? Sheldon and Penny? Ross and Rachel. Mini and Franky? Brittany and Santana? Bo and Lauren? Ann and Leslie? Savannah and Marti?

Yes, certainly.

But, out of everyone, the TV pairing I think most needs to drop the act already is…


Rizzoli & Isles