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30 Day Challenges–Day 11 (with cookies)

So, my friends Cherri and Ann sent me a box full of YUMMY AWESOMNESS:


It arrived just in time, too, because I was on my last four thin mints (from a box my mom sent me for my birthday) and I was starting to panic. Oh happy day!

I’ve got nothing exciting to relate today. I’m sorry. I’m boring on Wednesdays. Is it Wednesday? I think it’s Wednesday.

I need more coffee.

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 11: A turning point in your life

image I drew France kinda wrong. My apologies to the French.

30 Day Pairing Challenge—Day 11: What is your dream pairing?

Is that like… a pairing I know will never happen but is still really fun to think about? I’ve got a few of those.

I choose…

Alicia and Kalinda - the-good-wife photo

Kalinda & Alicia (The Good Wife)