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30 Day Challenges: Day 2

See? And some people thought I’d never make it. I’m already at day two! Talk about dedication to a cause.

So, for day two, I’ve been asked my favorite animal. I thought about it really hard and still I came up blank. I like all sorts of different animals, especially of the cute and furry variety, but I don’t have one animal that is hands-down my absolute favorite in the entire world.

Since I couldn’t come up with the answer, I decided to ask the person that knows me better than anybody else – K.

“K, what’s my favorite animal?”

What follows is an illustrated version of our conversation…

Day 2 – Favorite animal


So, there you go.

Day 2 – My first ever ship

I asked K to guess who my first ever ship was and she guessed Xena and Gabrielle. Close! But no.

The first couple I ever obsessed over was…

Ross & Rachel (Friends)

And I am still pissed that we didn’t get a wedding.

Coming up tomorrow – I draw you my favorite food and tell you what pairing I think needs to get together already.