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30 Day Challenge—Day 30: Wow, that went by super fast


30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 30: Yay!


Here we are again at the end of another 30 day challenge. Can you believe it? I can’t.

The photo challenge was … I won’t say a success because that would imply that I wowed you daily with my superior photo-taking prowess and that would be exaggerating things a little. Let’s just say I managed to take a picture every day for 30 days and that’s a Yay-thing.

Anyway, the “questions” challenge sort of fizzled out there at the end due to the fact that I didn’t get around to blogging over the weekend. I’ve got 99 excuses but a good one ain’t one. I did, however, get a flurry of questions once I asked for questions and I intend to answer every single one. It’ll be less of a daily challenge, and more of a “Imma just answer your questions, k?” thing. IJAYQK? for short.

So now what?

I’m going to take a break from the daily challenge thing this month. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging daily or near-daily.

My big goal for the month of June is to return to the world of recapping, since that seems to be a big reason people stop by here in the first place.

So! Time for another poll:


If you have no special feelings about recaps, don’t worry. My blog will continue to operate as normal. Whatever “normal” means in this here place.

IJAYQK? – If you could have a super power what would it be?

I think I’d like the ability to fly. I used to want the ability to read minds but do I want to know what people really think? Probably not. I also wouldn’t mind the ability to turn invisible because imagine all the mischief I could cause! But those are the usual, go-to superpowers that everyone chooses.

So I’ve come up with some other super powers that are maybe less popular, but that I would not be opposed to having:

  • The power to turn anything into a cup of coffee
  • The power to turn anyone into a flaming homosexual
  • The power to make people break into song and dance in inappropriate places
  • The power to find missing socks
  • The power to assign made-up powers to random people

I think I would especially enjoy that last one. I could assign you a made-up superpower if you’d like.

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  • I want the power to turn anyone into a flaming homosexual!

    • I underestimated how popular that power would be. I hereby grant you the power of gaying people up. Gay away, Jay!

  • Sara

    Those super powers are about the best super powers ever, Ingrid. I especially liked the second one. Oh boy, how many times have I wished that! All the hot women (whatever “hot” means to you) would be gay by now. *rubs hands*

    So, by using the last super power, could you please assign the second super power to me? (I swear I’m very random.)

    • By the power vested in me by … um…me? You now have the power to turn people into flaming homosexuals. Go forth and make the world a gayer place!

      • Aw i want that too! I kind of need it!
        And i also would love to be able to atract lost socks, but only mine. xD

        • By the end of this exercise there will be A LOT more homosexuals in the world. PAR-TAY!

          *whispers secret incantation* Ka-POW. You now have sock-attracting, flaming-homosexual-making powers.

          … Wonder what happens if you accidentally target a closeted homosexual? Does that turn them straight? /deep thoughts

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