10 reasons I’m in a good mood today



If we were to run into each other and you were to say, “Hi, Ingrid! How are you?” I would say, “No, no, let’s talk about you first. Tell me about your life.” And then I would sit there and listen intently to everything you had to say. (Contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually enjoy talking about myself and would much rather listen to other people talk). Once you were finished talking you’d probably remind me that I hadn’t answered your original question, at which point I would say, “I’m great!”

I’m in a really good mood today for several reasons:

1. I ordered a pack of new dry erase markers because the ones that came with the whiteboard are, I think, depressed. They’re just very sad, emo markers. I felt as if I were forcing them to exist and that’s not pleasant for any of us. Maybe they don’t wish to be markers. Maybe they wish to be paintbrushes or pens and who am I, really, to stand in the way? So I ordered new ones and these are awesome. They’re bold, colorful; they write like they mean it. These are markers who love being markers. I wish to learn from their enthusiasm.

2. Coffee! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

3. I finished Chapter 14 last night. Yay! Special thanks to the lovely people on Facebook who gave me the idea for Kris’ Halloween costume. I think Kris makes a great Hermione Granger.

4. My printer is totally out of ink. I tried to print out some of TBSOL and the pages came out looking like skunks. This isn’t a good thing, but it means we get to buy a new ink cartridge! How exciting! Yeah!

5. CoFFeeEeeeeEEEe! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

6. So you know how I’ve been focusing very hard on dropping TBSOL’s word count? I sat down today to compare the word count on the NEW/FINAL(ish) draft to the second. As in, plot progression wise. And I realized that I’d cut over 35,000 words. Then I created a file called “FRANKENSTEIN_TBSOL” and copied and pasted the NEW stuff, removing the old stuff, so that the NEW stuff would connect to the OLD stuff I haven’t edited yet, and the total word count is now 158,000. That means so far I’ve removed/reworked/revised/rewritten over 40,000 words of content. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m very happy.

7. Today I get to start Chapter 15, which is when J & K meet for the first time in person and I’m MUY excited about reworking that whole thing. But first I’m sitting down with a highlighter and the printed pages of Chapters 23/24 of V2 to see what needs to be kept.

8. SPAGHETTI!!!! WEEeeeEeeeeeeeEEEEeeeee!! I have some leftover spaghetti. I’m very excited about it.

9. You know what I just discovered while writing “wee” like a crazy person? I discovered that if you hold down a vowel key on the Mac it pops up a menu of alt-symbols. Like ÊË …and then you can just…select one. I DID NOT KNOW THAT. That changes MY LIFE.

10. Wàïõú … it means I love you.


EDITING to ADD an 11th thing:

11. So this morning I went to make coffee only to find the bag empty. “OH MY GOD WE ARE OUT OF COFFEE!” is what I yelled out — because … well, it can’t happen. It’s like oxygen running out. I slid down slowly to the floor, clutching desperately at nothing, holding my arm up in a final act of supplication — and then K was like, “There’s a whole bag of it in the hallway.”

“There isn’t! I looked!” I managed to breathe out, with what remained of my life-force (but also loudly, because we were in separate rooms).

“Then try the kitchen counter.”

Oh, I thought. For I had not looked there. I looked there. And there it was. A BAG FULL OF BAGS OF COFFEE. I revived instantly. The sun came out. Angels sang a chorus in my ear. It sounded a lot like Jessie J’s “Do It Like a Dude” — it was beautiful.

AND THEN! After I hit publish on this post, I went to get some Ginger Ale and I was like, “OH MY GOD WE ARE OUT OF GINGER ALE!” only I didn’t actually say that because that’s not as tragic as running out of coffee (I’m not ridiculous) … so it was more like I thought it, quietly, to myself. And then I walked into the hallway and noticed A BAG FULL OF BOTTLES OF GINGER ALE!

“IT’S THE BEST DAY EVER!” I yelled to K, who laughed.

And then I went to put the bottles of Ginger Ale away.


I discovered that the grocery store had given us some free stuff!

1. A bottle of hand-sanitizer.

2. A pack of anti-bacterial wipes.

3. Cookies.

Anti-bacterial wipes!!!! Best. Day. Ever.